Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2009

National Operatic and Dramatic Association - NODA

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Clacton Amateur Operatic Society
Director - David Thompson
Musical Director - Jane Shaw
Choreographer - Angie Long

One of the essential elements of a good pantomime is audience participation and throughout the whole of this panto the cast went to great lengths to ensure their audience remained actively involved.

This particular version of Goldilocks was set at the circus. Although slightly light on storyline, there was good comedy, some talented circus performers, a sword fight, a well choreographed woodland ballet, and tap dancing bears.

There were excellent performances from Joe Molloy the clown who worked extremely hard to keep the children entertained throughout, Doug Gamer playing Sadie the dame and Ben Long as Ronnie the Ringmaster who also sang a fine solo. Praise should also go to Zoe McCarthy as Goldilocks, and the 3 bears whom all the children adored.

It was a pleasure to see such energy and enthusiasm from an all smiling chorus, especially the younger members. Good singing throughout was well supported by a small but talented orchestra under the direction of Jane Shaw who also provided timely sound effects to emphasis the comedy.

The numerous costumes were all bright, appropriate and colourful and the make-up was very good, particularly for the 3 bears. The set was delightful and well light.

My congratulations go to David and all his cast and crew on a very enjoyable production and a fine team effort.

Report by Catherine Dixey - Eastern Membership Secretary

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